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16 Creative & Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Follow

16 Creative & Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Follow

This post was going to be called '3 Cool Instagram Accounts to Follow' but as I was going through my list to make my selection, I just couldn't narrow it down to just 3! So instead, you're getting my current top 16 Instagram accounts (plus a special bonus one at the end) :).

Over the last few months, I've been getting increasingly hooked on Instagram and keep coming across the coolest people, brands, businesses and images. Are you on Instagram? If not, then why not consider it?? It's such a cool way of being creative online, of capturing little snippets of inspiration or creativity just in that moment and then sharing them with your followers, friends and colleagues.

I'm not saying you have to document every moment of your life, but if you are a visual person and especially if you are into photography, then I think you might really enjoy this app. I've had fun playing around with composition and of course I love the filters and effects you can add to make images more interesting and personal.

And I like the fact that you can share an image to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This comes in handy when you want to tag someone or add some variety to your Facebook timeline.

I must admit I'm not that prolific an Instagramer and, although I do use Instagram to promote my business, Pomegranate, I tend to use Instagram most when I'm simply out and about or to show a few 'behind the scenes' pictures. For example, at exhibitions, trade shows, pop-up events, in the park or when I see something fun or quirky that my friends and followers might enjoy. The image above for instance is from my Instagram feed over @pomegranatelive taken about an year ago on a lovely afternoon in Richmond Park.

But I have enjoyed seeing how others have really embraced this creative platform to express themselves, promote their businesses and share their personal viewpoint of the world. And there are some seriously talented and dedicated people out there who have built up some fantastic feeds!

Here are my current Top 16 which I've broken down for you into various categories (I have lots of different interests as I'm sure you do!). Here we go...and click on any of the images to be transported magically to that Instagram feed to see and enjoy more photos.


Christina Greve on Instagram

CHRISTINA GREVE: Christina is a Danish lifestyle photographer and coach. Her feed is gorgeously moody and atmospheric with images of flowers, places, people and food.

 Rue Magazine on Instagram

RUE MAGAZINE: Rue is a fantastic online magazine covering fashion, beauty and home. Their feed is full of great images from their shoots and things that inspire them. Great for ideas on home decorating.



Igor Josif on Instagram

IGOR JOSIF: Igor is an interiors blogger who shares his inspiration and projects on his blog Happy Interior Blog. His feed is full of colour, flowers, life and happiness.

At Mine on Instagram

AT {MINE}: An online community of interior lovers who can share their projects, photos and resources via their website. Their feed is full of images from the community and is a great place to get inspiration for your own interior project.



Emily Quinton on Instagram

EMILY QUINTON: Emily is a London-based photographer, trainer and author who runs photography workshops. She loves flowers as her feed will show and the quality of her photos is superb with interesting compositions and lots of colour.

Steph Turpin on Instagram

STEPH TURPIN: Steph of Fairy Nuff Flowers is a UK-based florist. I love all the closeups of flowers that feature in her Instagram feed! Beautiful!


Deliciously Ella on Instagram

ELLA WOODWARD: Of the fabulous food blog Deliciously Ella is a foodie, author and blogger with a huge following, several books and a deli under her belt. Her feed is full of recipes and lovely food images and she also shares other aspects of her life and inspirational quotes.

Flourishing Foodie on Instagram

FLOURISHING FOODIE: Heather is a Seattle-based food photographer, stylist, foodie and blogger. Her photos are deliciously moody as you will see in her Instagram feed and on her blog The Flourishing Foodie.



Ariele Alasko on Instagram

ARIELE ALASKO: Is a Brooklyn-based woodworker and sculptor who makes the most beautiful wooden spoons with varied and original designs. Her feed is full of images of her wonderful pieces and she has built up quite a following!

Confessions of a Design Geek on Instagram

COADG: Confessions of a Design Geek is an award-winning blog by British blogger Katie Treggiden. Katie champions the crafts and makers in the UK and her feed is rich with product shots from various designers and craftspeople.



MMontague Living on Instagram

MMONTAGUELIVING: Maryam Montague is based in Marrakesh where she and her family run a gorgeous boutique hotel, filled with artisanal products from the region. Her gorgeous feed will make you want to get on the first flight to Morocco...

Murad Osmann on Instagram

MURADOSMANN: Murad has shot an extensive series of images in various places around the world, with his wife leading him by the hand. This very unique feed is full of images of her dressed in local and exotic costumes leading him by the hand towards an amazing landmark. It's a creative and unusual approach which has resulted in the couple gaining quite a following.



 Anthropologie on Instagram

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Has got to be one of the coolest concept stores around at the moment. Check out their Instagram feed for great images of their products, as well as other inspirational shots. They have used their feed to strengthen their brand presence very well.

 Propercorn on Instagram

PROPERCORN: British popcorn brand Proper Corn uses their bold and bright Instagram feed to really drive home their brand and their mission. to create the best popcorn - properly. It's makes for fun and vibrant brand awareness.



Morten Nordstrom on Instagram

MORTEN NORDSTROM: Danish photgrapher Morten Nordstrøm has a great eye for composition and mood. his photos are atmospheric, interesting and just a pleasure to look through.

Omar Nobles on Instagram

OMARZROBLES: NYC-based photographer Omar Z. Nobles has captured the movement, strength, grace and beauty of ballet dancers dancing on the streets of Cuba and NYC. So original and absolutely gorgeous!



Post Collective on Instagram

POSTCOLLECTIVE: Post Collective is a Berlin-based company that sells art prints of some of the most celebrated photography from Instagram. They have a wonderful range of photos covering various themes and at reasonable prices. Terrific idea right??

Well, that just about covers it - my current top 16 accounts from Instagram. Do you have any favourite Instagramers you are following? Share them with us in the comments below - it's always nice to 'meet' new people :).

'till next time...

Photo credits: Top image by Nicole Antar //All other images by relevant Instagram account holder - please click on any of them to be taken to their feeds.

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