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A Truly Inspirational Design Book For You

A Truly Inspirational Design Book For You

Today, I'm going to keep it short but I have a wonderful design book recommendation for you if you're after some interiors, architectural or garden inspiration.

It's called "Marrakesh: The Secret of its Courtyard Houses" and has been in my design library for years. It's totally gorgeous and one of my absolute favourites!

It’s got everything you want a great design book to have. It covers the history of the city of Marrakesh, its origins, gardens and architecture and in particular the relationships between the gardens, courtyards and houses. 

And of course all this is complemented with beautiful photography of houses and riads, architectural details, gardens, flowers and interiors. There are gorgeous images of carved stone, metalwork, tiling in those magnificent Moroccan colours and patterns, fountains and pools, lattice screens, vibrant colours, intricate light fittings and fantastic textiles. 

Morocco has such a rich and varied design heritage doesn’t it? And one of the things I love about this book (and that I think you would enjoy as well!) is that it covers not only the old but also highlights newer more contemporary interpretations and adaptations of the houses and their courtyards. And as you know, I like nothing more than a bit of style fusion!   

Have you been to Marrakesh? Were you taken in by this lovely architecture? I haven’t had the opportunity to go there yet but it sits quite prominently at the top of my travel list! Not only to see and experience this rich architectural and design heritage, but to check out the amazing craftsmanship and interiors products they make! I would love to include some of them in the offering at Pomegranate

But, for now, I would encourage you to check this wonderful book, whether simply for inspiration or for ideas to incorporate in your design scheme if you are looking to introduce a bit of Moroccan fusion style in your home. 

To recap, it’s called "Marrakesh: The Secret of its Courtyard Houses" and is by Quentin Wilbaux and published by ACR Edition. Happy Reading!

'till next time...

Photo Credits: Photo by Nicole Antar

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