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Presenting the Creative Anna Jacobs Lighting Collection

Presenting the Creative Anna Jacobs Lighting Collection

Have you been introduced to the wonderful Anna Jacobs lighting collection yet? I'm very pleased to say that this range of gorgeous nature-inspired lamps (and cushions!) has been available at Pomegranate for a while - and they are fabulous.

I first came across Anna Jacobs through the founder of the DecorCafe Network who had written an article for her blog about Anna and her lovely lamps.

Well, as soon as I saw them I just knew I had to meet Anna and include her pieces into my collection at Pomegranate. I think and hope you'll agree that her pieces 'fit' beautifully with the spirit of what Pomegranate is offering and trying to achieve.

They are stylish, handmade, have provenance & great craftsmanship and are of high quality. Added to which, they are artistically and creatively designed, are highly decorative, unique and well priced. What more could I ask for?

So I made sure to meet up with Anna at a London trade fair and to see her collection first hand. She was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to get to know and her collection was superb!

Anna Jacobs: Artist & Designer

Just so you know a little about her, Anna is a London-based artist, designer and teacher. Her background is in art and theatre design and she also teaches colour theory and holds workshops and talks on upcycling. 

And in January 2015, she launched her home accessories brand including the Anna Jacobs lighting and cushion collection. Being a true artist, Anna draws and paints each design by hand, finding a theme for each collection, then the designs are printed onto silk or cotton fabric to make up the shades and cushions. I'll let her explain:

"All my work, including the lampshades, cushions, silk scarves and greeting cards, begins with the art. I paint a series of pieces for a show, which explore a particular theme or idea and then let them breathe and find their place for a while. Only then do I consider which paintings might translate well into other products. Why have art just on your walls?! You can wear it, shine a light through it and even sit on it."

I love the fact that her lamps are entirely handmade (of course!). The glass bases are hand-blown in Norfolk by expert artisans with whom she works closely to make sure every detail and curve of the bases is just right.

The shades are also made by hand in a workshop near Dover, after which the lamps are assembled using the coloured flex that make her collection stand out and give her an even more unique edge.

Anna draws and paints each of her designs first, finding a theme and colour palette for each collection

Each crystal glass lamp base is handblown in Norfolk by expert artisans. Here, Anna discusses and refines the design of her lamps.

The glass blowers at work making Anna's lamp bases, one by one.

The mould for the small lamp bases, then as they appear in the kiln and finally, on the right, the little bases are ready to be cut and polished.

The Anna Jacobs Lighting Collections

Shall we take a closer look at some of her finished lamps??! I should probably mention that each lamp can be customised to fit your space. You can choose the design you prefer for the shade, then choose from three shade sizes, two bases sizes and a variety of coloured flex to fit your scheme.  Of course I've made some choices to present at Pomegranate, but should you want any other colour or size combination, then just get in touch by all means :). Here we go!


This design is inspired by the beautiful hummingbird as it sips the nectar from a flower. I love the vibrant colouring of turquoise and lime in this design, as well as the movement and energy those little birds are bringing to it. I actually have a Sipping Nectar table lamp at home and it just makes me smile everytime I pass by!

Sipping Nectar is available as a simple lampshade which you can suspend from any ceiling hook. This would look amazing when lit in the evening as those birds fly around :)

Here, you can see the medium Sipping Nectar table lamp as well as the long bolster which has a slightly different energy to it, as the birds are flying in all directions!


The medium Sipping Nectar lamp looks really lovely against this ark grey background. That turquoise flex is stunning too!

Welsh Reflection

I find this collection so calming and serene don't you? The design is actually taken from one of Anna's drawings of a charming lake on a farm in Pembrokeshire and I really like the soft reflections of the birds on the water. It's utterly charming.

Breaking Dawn

If I had to pick a favourite design, it would probably be this one. I just love the colouring with its deep pinks and blues and the grace of those flamingos as they take flight is beautifully captured.

So what do you think of the Anna Jacobs lighting (and cushion) collection? Do you find it as charming and pretty as I do? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please do let me know in the comments below :)

I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of the collection for today.

The cushion collection. Click through to see the collection available at Pomegranate Living.

To see the styles from the Anna Jacobs lighting collection available at Pomegranate, just click through from the image above...

'till next time...

Image Credits: All images by Anna Jacobs used with permission.


Feb 05, 2018

Thank you Frances. I’m happy you enjoyed finding out a bit more about Anna and her collection!

Feb 05, 2018

Stunning and beautiful. So interesting to find out what’s involved.


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