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Presenting the New 2016 Zenza Pendant Lights

Presenting the New 2016 Zenza Pendant Lights

Today, we're taking a look at some of the latest Zenza pendant lights launched earlier this year. Zenza is one of our most popular and successful brands at Pomegranate and I simply love their wonderful contemporary interpretation of what is otherwise a relatively traditional skill.

As you probably know by now, everything I choose to present at Pomegranate is handmade by skilled artisans and craftsmen. I love traditional skills and crafts being cleverly re-interpreted for a more modern consumer and interior and I really enjoy getting to know my suppliers and finding out the stories behind their brands.

I know you really like the range of Zenza pendant lights and you can read their story in this post I wrote a while ago. Theirs is a nice (and rather romantic!) story. But for today's post, let's focus on some of their newest pendant lights. I'm curious to know what you think!


The Grace pendant light has a really elegant and graceful shape (it's in the name right!), with its elongated silhouette, bulbous waist and long tassle. I think it would look amazing hung in a pair, at varying heights and quite low over a side table or console or in a long cluster down the length of a stairwell.

The Grace Pendant Light by Zenza at Pomegranate Living

Doesn't this arrangement look like it belongs in a scene from Aladdin?? I'm not saying this would work for most of us, but it's quite a magical display of the Grace pendant light!

The Grace Moorish Pendant Light at Pomegranate Living

This is the Grace Moorish pendant light, with an ornate lattice design that throws amazing shadows on its surrounding walls and ceiling. In case you're thinking it looks quite large, it's actually available in four sizes - small, medium, large and extra large. This is the large.

Grace Sky Pendant Light by Zenza on the Pomegranate Blog

Grace is also available with a simpler, less dramatic pattern called Sky, which is basically a series of little holes punched through the metal. This creates a more uniform, less patterned effect, but I think it's incredibly elegant and lovely for a more modern space.

Zenza Grace Pendant Light Cluster

Here you can see Grace Moorish and Sky in a couple of different sizes, hung quite low over this heavily cushioned seating area.

The Zenza Grace Moorish Cluster above Armchairs on the Pomegranate Blog


Reminiscent of a classic cloche or bell shape, the Dome is quite different from most of the other Zenza pendant lights. It's simple and modern and, although I must admit it's not a personal favourite, I can see it being used quite successfully in a commercial environment, like a bar or restaurant.

The Dome Pendant Light by Zenza Lit with Shadows

The Dome is also available with two designs. This is the Sky with the more regular pattern...

The Dome Moorish Pendant Light with Shadows at Pomegranate Living

And this is the Moorish, with the more ornate and elaborate pattern.

Dome Pendant Lights by Zenza Cluster above Rattan Armchairs

The Dome looks nice in a little cluster like this as well. It is available in three sizes as you can see here; small, medium and large.


The Buddah is a lovely pendant light with a gorgeous rounded shape and bags of character. The pattern here is totally different from those in the rest of the Zenza pendant light range and is quite beautiful. With a definite Asian feel, this light would look amazing over a dining table or hung low over a coffee table. Far East meets Middle East is quite a winning design combo here!

The Buddah Pendant Light with Shadows

See what I mean about the pattern? Just look at that effect! The Buddah is available in three sizes; small, medium and large.

The Buddah Pendant Light Above Table

The Buddah hung low over a dining table looks so effective. What do you think of this piece??


Ok, so the Oval isn't technically that new, but I've never shown it before so I thought I'd include it here. It's actually from last year's collection. I think it's a nice simple design and, because it's oval, it would work really well over a long oval or rectangular dining table.

It's also interesting as it's available in the standard silver finish, but also in a black oxide finish which would look amazing in a black and white scheme or a dark interior.

Th Oval Pendant Light with Shadows

The Oval is actually quite a classic shape but made a bit unusual by the Moorish pattern. It comes in three sizes; small, large and extra large.

The Oval Pendant Light in Oxide Finish at Pomegranate Living

Here you can see the Oval in the black oxide finish. The design is really lovely and somehow stands out differently with the black finish.

The Oval Pendant Light in a Cluster above Sofa and Cushions

The Oval in situ, creating lovely patterns on those walls.

What do you think of the new 2016 Zenza pendant lights? Do you have a favourite? I think mine is the Grace with the Buddha coming a close second.

If you'd like more details on any of the new styles from Zenza, then please just get in touch. You can see the models currently available at Pomegranate here, but don't forget that you can order any lamp you like, even if it's not shown in the Pomegranate boutique.

Just drop me a message and I'll be happy to help!

'till next time...

All images by Zenza.

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