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Presenting the New Anna Jacobs 2017 Collection

Presenting the New Anna Jacobs 2017 Collection

This week, I'm thrilled to be introducing you to the new 2017 collection by the wonderful British artist & designer, Anna Jacobs.

Anna launched her latest range at Top Drawer, the London interiors trade show that took place at the end of January, and it's now ready to be presented to the wider world :)

Being such a terrific designer and artist, Anna has created an amazing brand with her gorgeous and lively collection of lamps and cushions. If you're not familiar with, or would like to know more about her, you can read my profile of  Anna here and you can see one of her beautiful lamps being made in this post.

I've just added the new range to Pomegranate, and I can't wait for you to see it, if you haven't already!

So what does Anna have in store for us this season? Well, there's one completely new (and delicious!) design, and she's expanded the range of three of her signature designs with new hues that embrace this year's fresh and soft colour trends. There are some VERY beautiful colours which I think you're going to love!

Let's take a look.


Anna Jacobs Beak Street in Rose Medium Table Lamp at Pomegranate Living

Beak Street is one of Anna's existing designs which, until now, has been available in a strong black and white colour, often accented by a bold contrasting coloured flex. 

This year, she has added three new colours which really expand on the possibilities for this very nice, abstract design.

Here, it's featured in Rose on the medium pendant light. Rose is the softest, most subtle shade of pink mixed with white, creating a really feminine and pretty combination, particularly when matched with the new burnished gold or rose flex.

For a little more contrast, I think it also looks great with the grey and white zig-zag flex as seen in the image above.

Anna Jacobs Beak Street Rose Cushion

And here is the Beak Street Rose cushion - I've opted to present the long bolster cushion at Pomegranate because I feel the shape would look amazing displayed as pair on a bed or on its own on a bedroom armchair. See what you think...


Anna Jacobs Beak Street in Dove Medium Table Lamp with Powder Blue

And here is Beak Street again, this time in a soft powdery blue. The medium table light here is matched with a powder blue flex for a really gentle look.

The colour is inspired by the Dulux Colour of the Year 2017, which is Denim Drift and so will easily match any colour scheme based on this tone. Of course, depending on the space, it's also great when contrasted with an indigo or even a vivid red flex! 

The great thing about Anna Jacobs lamps is that, although they may be presented in a particular colour at Pomegranate, you can actually order any combination you like.

Anna Jacobs Beak Street in Dove Cushion at Pomegranate Living

Beak Street in Dove is also available on the cushion, in both the square size and the rectangular bolster - making it very easy to complete your decor scheme.


Anna Jacobs Beak Street in Grass Small Table Lamp at Pomegranate Living

And now, for the most bold and vibrant colour of the new Anna Jacobs 2017 collection! This vivid green which she calls Grass is inspired by another paint colour - this time the Pantone Colour of the year 2017, called Greenery.

I would say that Grass is certainly not for the colour-shy wouldn't you?! It adds a serious punch of energy and zing to a space. It would look great in a boy's or teenager's bedroom, or a lively family TV room or of course a colourful living room. It's great fun and I love the energy it brings with it.

Above is the Beak Street in Grass Medium Lamp and below is the matching cushion. At Pomegranate though, I've opted to present the small Beak Street lamp (but do let me know if you'd prefer the medium!).

Anna Jacobs Beak Street in Grass Square Cushion at Pomegranate Living


Anna Jacobs Breaking Dawn in Orange Medium Table Lamp at Pomegranate Living

One of my favourite designs by Anna Jacobs is called Breaking Dawn and shows pink flamingos in flight against a lovely grey-ish background. It's a beautiful piece and certainly a best seller.

So I was thrilled to see that as part of the new Anna Jacobs 2017 collection, Anna has a re-interpreted this fabulous design in a new colour - orange! A beautiful, rich, deep shade of orange which looks wonderful against the grey background.

Anna said this colour attracted lots of attention on her stand at Top Drawer and, interestingly most of it was from men! Now Anna's collection, from her experience and mine also, generally tends to appeal to women, so it was great to hear that this new deep orange tone also appeals to men. 

Breaking Dawn in Orange is also available on the cushion of course.


Anna Jacobs Afternoon Dreaming Large Table Lamp with Burnished Gold Flex at Pomegranate Living

Aahh - this design is gorgeous! Afternoon Dreaming is a fresh addition to the new Anna Jacobs 2017 collection and is, as the name suggests, quite dreamy...

The pattern is pretty and feels like a painting with abstract lines and splashes of gold and deep bronze against a pale pink background. It's definitely an elegant and feminine piece, especially with the burnished gold or rose flex and artfully interprets the current trends for warm metallic finishes like copper and brass. Available as a cushion as well.

And that's it! The new Anna Jacobs 2017 collection in all its pattern, colour and glory. I hope you love it as much as I do and, if you're interested in any of the pieces, you can order online at Pomegranate as usual, or of course get in touch if you have any questions.

'till next time...

Photo Credits: All images courtesy of Anna Jacobs


Mar 12, 2017

I agree Caroline! Beak Street is Rose is incredibly pretty and soft. I must admit to having a slight soft spot for those flamingos though :)

Nicole Antar
Mar 12, 2017

I agree Sarah, the flamingos really look fab in the orange. So glad you like it too! :)

Nicole Antar
Mar 11, 2017

What a beautiful collection! I love beak street in rose, so pretty. Breaking dawn is absolutely stunning though, really unique.

Mar 10, 2017

Love the flamingoes Nicole, they look stunning especially with the orange flex in the glass.

Sarah Arrow
Mar 10, 2017

Thank you Jenny! I’m glad you enjoyed my little article. Anna is really talented and her collection is really growing and gaining recognition. And yes that Grass colourway is definitely not for the faint of heart is it!?! :) Thanks for stopping by x

Nicole Antar
Mar 10, 2017

Ooh, lovely! Great to read your thoughts on all the designs. Quite a striking contrast between the rest of the colour palette and Grass! But it’s lovely. I love Top Drawer, it’s a great show. I’d not come across Anna’s work before as we don’t really sell much in the way of textiles but this is a great introduction to her collection.

Jenny Welbourn

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