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Featured! The Sufi Filigros Pendant Light by Zenza

Featured! The Sufi Filigros Pendant Light by Zenza

Today, I'd like to feature the Sufi Filigros Pendant Light by Zenza, one of our most popular lamps from this amazing lighting collection. I hope you'll agree that it really is quite a spectacular piece, full of character, impact and charm. 

I always thought that the Sufi Filigros looks like something out of Aladdin or One Thousand and One Nights, with its bulbous silhouette and magical pattern!

As an interior designer, one of the things that appeals to me is that it looks wonderful in both contemporary and more traditional interiors. Even in a very modern, minimalist home, it can easily hold its own and act as a feature centrepiece to space. 

Whatever the aesthetic, the Sufi Filigros pendant light can hang proudly on its own, for example over a dining table, in an entrance hall or on a landing. Or it can form part of a larger cluster of lamps, along with different styles from Zenza which complement each other and sit well alongside one another. 

In a more commercial setting, the Sufi Filigros looks amazing in a restaurant for example. I've seen it as a part of a series, one above each table in a long row of tables. And I've seen it as part of a huge cluster of lamps in the centre of a restaurant, above a large floral display. It also looks marvellous in window displays!

Let's take a closer look at the Sufi Filigros pendant light by Zenza, shall we? And imagine where and how it could be used in a home, restaurant, showroom or even an office!

The Sufi Filigros at the Zenza Workshop

During my last trip to Cairo, I visited one of the Zenza workshops, where they silver-plate, assemble, test and finish the lamps. It was so interesting to see the processes each lamp has to go through before it can be ready to purchase. 

And it was great fun to see the lamps in the workshop, all piled up ready to move onto their next step in the production and finishing stages.

Here are some Sufi Filigros - loads of them! - patiently and elegantly awaiting their turn at the silver plating stage...Don't they look impressive?!

The Sufi Filigros Online & In-Store

Zenza, as you may be aware, is a Dutch brand based in The Netherlands. Their story and company is fantastic, as you can read in my previous blog post called 'The Story of Zenza & Their Gorgeous Collection'.

Once the Sufi (and all the lamps) is fully assembled, tested and sent to The Netherlands, it is ready to sell. Zenza do a pretty good job of photographing their collections, showing each lamp in a variety of settings to help us all imagine it in our homes or wherever we might like to put it - and the Sufi Filigros is no exception. 

Here it is as you most likely have seen it on my website at Pomegranate Living. The photos really help in understanding some of the detail in the Sufi.

Remember though, that every lamp is different and, whilst the craftsmen do have a template to work to, they are also encouraged to let their creativity shine through. This means that not all the lamps are exactly the same and there could well be slight variations to the pattern from what you see on the website.  The overall effect will be just as beautiful though, there's no doubt about that!

The Sufi Filigrain Pendant Light at Pomegranate Living

Effect! The Sufi Filigros pendant light, and indeed all the lamps from Zenza, are all about effect and creating pattern, a mood and a little bit of drama within a space. And of course light!

This image really shows off the design and the amazing pattern that the Sufi Filigros could create, depending on where and how it is installed of course.

The Sufi Filigrain Pendant Light by Zenza Close up Detail

In this photo, you can really see some of the detail and pattern in the Sufi Filigros. Each one of those holes is made by hand using a special tool that punches through the metal, creating this amazing design.

The Sufi Filigros Pendant Lamp by Zenza shown in a cluster of lamps with the Tahrir Filigros

Here is the Sufi Filigros shown as part of a cluster of lamps, in this case with the Tahrir Filigros and Tahrir Filisky. The shapes work really well together and the photo makes it easier to visualise such an arrangement in a home or even a commercial space.

The Sufi Filigros in a lifestyle setting

Finally, in this photo, we see the Sufi Filigros in a sort of 'lifestyle' setting. Now, we're unlikely to have a display in our homes that looks like this, but the display does allow us to visualise the Sufi hanging above a table, or console or even low over a coffee table. It's a very impactful image!

The Sufi Filigros in Your Home

Have you looked at the Sufi Filigros and wondered what it would look like in your home? I thought it would be nice to wrap up this post with a couple of pictures showing this gorgeous light in an actual home. They may help you to better imagine how it might look in yours.

The Sufi Filigros in situ in a customer's home

This cluster of Zenza lamps features the Sufi Filigros in a cluster of four lamps, which I think you'll agree, looks absolutely fantastic in this new kitchen extension. When lit, the cluster looks just amazing and the whole arrangement has so much impact and style. Thank you Claire for allowing me to feature your lovely project here!

The Sufi Filigros pendant light in a kitchen

Finally, here is the Sufi Filigros in another kitchen, this time installed on its own. The kitchen is very bright and the lamp is installed a little lower than you'd expect, and looks great!

So there you have it, my featured product for this post is the Sufi Filigros pendant light by Zenza. What do you think of this lamp?

If you'd like to consider one for your home, restaurant, office or other area, please do take a look here and, of course, if you'd like any help or have any questions, just get in touch!

'till next time...

Photos in workshop by Nicole Antar; lifestyle & product photos by Zenza; Photo of cluster in kitchen by my customer Claire; Photo in bright kitchen by Nicole Antar.

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