There's nothing quite like the soft flickering light of a candle at the dinner table or when relaxing at the end of a long day is there? You can instantly create an intimate and calm mood by lighting a candle or two.

So we couldn't possibly not have any candles in our assortment at Pomegranate Living! And we've found a gem of a collection for you. And a gem it truly is, because a candle by Parable Designs is like a piece of jewellery for your home.

Using designs taken from vintage wallpaper rollers, each candle from Parable is made and painted entirely by hand to beautiful effect. You can choose from one of their gorgeous fragrances or if you prefer you can order them unscented - particularly good if you plan to light your candles at table.

Enjoy the Parable Designs candle collection at Pomegranate Living!