One of the easiest ways to update a room or change the feel of a space is to add new cushions. They add a pop of colour or texture and quickly help you achieve a fresh look.

We are very pleased to offer a range of  truly beautiful designer handmade cushions available to purchase online at Pomegranate.

We are proud to bring you exciting products from fabulous UK brands Nitin Goyal, Anna Jacobs, Niki Jones, Lorna Syson and Annaloom, all of which offer exquisite ranges, bursting with originality, colour, pattern, texture and vibrancy.

From the tranquil surroundings of his East London studio, Nitin Goyal creates sumptuous and attractive cushions, throws and fashion accessories. His rich textures and detailed hand-smocked and pleated patterns in silks, cottons and velvets are crafted to a timeless elegance. It is sheer indulgence to feel the textures of this lovely collection.

Scottish designer Niki Jones offers cushions with detailed patterns inspired from the rich design heritage of places such as Morocco, Uzbekistan and Poland. Made primarily of linen, wool or velvet, her cushions and throws are alive with character and diversity.

From London, we also bring you the delicate and luxurious cushions by British artist and designer Anna Jacobs. They're lively and bring joy, colour and movement to any space. Inspired by nature and bursting with life, they are hand-drawn by Anna Jacobs and beautifully printed and handmade in the UK.

Lorna Syson's gorgeous collection of cushions are bold,, graphic, contemporary and easy to incorporate into many design schemes. Her inspiration comes from the flora and fauna of the British countryside and beaches and her collection is all designed in London and handmade in the UK.

From the UK and India, Annaloom brings you wonderfully hand-woven silk cushions made in India, in calm and elegant colours that are easy to place and beautiful to enjoy.

From further afield, we also have a number of brands from Egypt which really show off the traditional weaving and embroidery crafts that go back generations and are now brought up to date with wonderful contemporary collections.

Pomegranate's collections are varied and different and we invite you to shop with us for some truly luxurious textiles for your home. As always, if you'd like any help in making your choice, please get in touch.