Egizia was founded in 1949 in Tuscany as a producer of decorated wine bottles for the Chianti region. They have since gone on to being great innovators in the area of glass production and decoration, by developing a process where each piece is hand-screen-printed with a signature technique involving the application of silver fused onto glass. The silver used on Egizia pieces is sterling silver!

Egizia has collaborated with several architects and designers, each developing collections in their own signature style, starting with architect Ettore Sottsass of the Memphis Group and, more recently, designer Karim Rashid and architect Paola Navone. Each piece bears a signature printed subtly as part of the decoration.

The collections are varied and practical as well as highly decorative. There is great skill and expertise in the production of each piece, as well as design value and practicality. It's a beautiful collection and we are thrilled to present it to you here.