Esmie is a British stationery brand which stands for Elegant Stationery Made in England and was founded by the very talented graphic designer Kim Brooks.


Having travelled extensively, and with a background in stationery and graphic design, Kim set up her own design studio in 2009 and launched Esmie. Dedicated to producing unique stationery, beautifully designed and hand printed by accomplished craftsmen in England, Esmie’s mission is to resurrect time honoured techniques and traditions.

For her collection of cards, Esmie works with the finest printers and engravers, specially selected for their craftsmanship and experience in die-stamping, a process which dates back to the 15th century and involves an engraved copper die being filled with ink and stamped under great pressure, resulting in the lettering standing proud of the paper surface.

And for her exquisite notebooks, Kim sources the handmade silk-screen printed papers from specialist studios in Japan, who produce incredibly detailed designs on paper which are inspired by those found on silk kimonos. The notebooks are then hand-bound in England.

A truly gorgeous collection of luxury stationery which we hope you will love as much as we do!