About two hours south-west of Cairo in Egypt, is the Fayoum oasis with a huge salt-water lake called Lake Qaroun and lots of tiny villages and agricultural fields. One of the villages is a particularly delightful small hamlet called Tunis Village, which has grown to be a creative hub in the field of pottery.

Largely thanks to a Swiss potter called Evelyne Porret who, along with her husband Michel Pastore, set up a pottery school in Tunis in the 1980s, the little hamlet has become known for its pottery and even holds an annual pottery festival.

Evelyne was the first potter in the tiny village and through her efforts has taught many young potters the art of pottery throwing and decorating, enabling them to learn a craft and to sell their work through the little mud-built shop in the school.

Many of her students have gone on to open their own pottery studios in and around Tunis and have really helped this creative corner of the Fayoum Ooasis to thrive.

On a trip to Egypt in March 2017, I visited Tunis and the Fayoum Pottery School and selected the pieces here from the little mud-brick shop at the school. As you can see, many depict agricultural or fishing scenes that are familiar to the students in this rural and quite beautiful part of Egypt. I hope you find them as charming as I do! 

Enjoy the lovely pieces from the student of the Fayoum Pottery School.