Shop for pretty and eclectic candles, as well as candle & tealight holders in this special Gift section dedicated to all the candle lovers you know. 

You might be searching for a housewarming gift, or a special candle to offer as a birthday or Christmas gift. You might even be after a candle for yourself to enjoy at home! Well, you're in the right place...

Candles by Zenza

Our wonderful brand Zenza, most famous for their fabulous lighting collection, also make a lovely range of candles and tealight holders. Their metal candle holders, like their lamps, are made by hand in Egypt and give the most wonderful, warm, romantic glow once a tealight or even an LED candle with a warm light (none of those blue lights please!!).

The Zenza candles are hand-poured in Morocco and come in pretty containers and the most decorative gift boxes. With three middle-eastern scents to choose from - Amber, Orange Blossom and Oriental - you will be instantly transported to another time and place. 

Candles by Egizia

For a more modern gift for candle lovers, you could also consider the candles by Italian brand Egizia. Each comes in a glass container, which has been hand-decorated using silk screen printing, enamel and sterling silver.

Egizia candles are gorgeous and have lovely fresh fragrances like Acqua di Mare and Vanilla. And each comes in a pretty white gift box.