Joe Cariati is a designer and glassblower from Los Angeles who produces exquisite quality hand-crafted contemporary glassware including a fabulous range of glass bottles and decanters.

Each piece from his elegant collection is hand blown by Joe Cariati, without the use of moulds, using instead a Venetian off-hand glass blowing technique that ensures that every piece is a one of kind. His lines are simple and pure, creating sculptural pieces that look fantastic and impactful. The glass is incredibly thin and his colour palette is just fabulous.

It is easy to instantly fall in love with Joe Cariati's work and we certainly did. The gorgeous decorative glass bottles and decanters have an exclusive, designer feel and each piece is something to be treasured. The chic colour palette and bold shapes of the collection are fabulous for contemporary interiors and Joe's work draws the eye, forming a focal point in any room. Each work is signed by the artist.