Markaz is an Egyptian brand which aims to create, promote, develop and sell handmade Egyptian crafts, both in Egypt and around the world.

By working with small local groups of artisans in areas all over Egypt, each with its own story, skills & crafts, Markaz achieves two main goals. The first is to help promote the special traditional crafts themselves, ensuring they do not disappear in our increasingly throw-away world; and the second is to provide a fair and sustainable income for the communities of skilled artisans.


By working closely with the artisans all across Egypt, Markaz ensures the crafts remain current and updated to suit today's contemporary style of living. They help provide direction to the artisans in terms of style, colour trends and by even providing them with raw materials. But they never interfere with the crafts themselves or the skills to make them, allowing the artisans to work freely and creatively.

The Markaz range is extensive, much of it revolving around textiles, as there is a long tradition of weaving in Egypt, and they produce ranges from hand-woven cotton, linen, wool, as well as beaded and tassled pieces, paper, leather and glass.

Markaz is a fabulous social enterprise that stands for everything we believe in at Pomegranate Living and we are thrilled to be working with this wonderful brand.