Michael Aram is an American born artist who works primarily in metal. Having studied fine art in New York, Michael travelled to India where he discovered rich metalworking traditions and became inspired to work with brilliant craftsmen whose skills he felt were, to a great extent, undiscovered.

He invited them to collaborate on his own designs and launched the fabulous Michael Aram brand. In his workshop in India, he works closely with the team of remarkable craftsmen who help him realise his vision.

Michael’s designs are original, organic and often whimsical, but also mostly practical and functional. They are artisanal in nature and craft-based, transforming ordinary ‘industrial’ objects into extraordinary beautiful pieces. Bridging the gap between the artist and artisan is a hallmark of Michael Aram's work and every piece is entirely and lovingly hand-made using age old traditional techniques. This means that no two pieces are ever exactly identical.

The enduring melange of quality and originality of the collection allows it to be comfortably displayed in both contemporary as well as in more classical interiors.

Appropriately, in Hindi, "aram" means "gently, with peace, with love and care". It is with this sentiment that Michael succeeds in making high quality work, which is as much a personal statement, as its appeal is universal.