To be able to present you with this most fabulous British candle brand is truly a pleasure. Parable candles are special, unique and exquisite and, as is so important for us at Pomegranate, entirely handmade, this time in the UK.

This bijoux Devon-based candle firm produce some of the most beautiful, intricate and decorative candles you will have seen - truly jewel-like!

Enjoy lighting these candles at a special dinner party, offer as a wedding or birthday gift or just treat yourself to a little candle magic.

The Wallpaper collection is inspired by the decorative patterns of the 19th and 20th centuries and the Aridi series is designed in collaboration with highly recognised Lebanese-American artist and calligrapher Marwan Aridi. All the candles are entirely and lovingly made by hand using traditional techniques and are available in various delicate and fragrant scents.

We are thrilled to be presenting you with this wonderful British niche brand at Pomegranate and if you would like any help in making your choice, please just get in touch.