Pendant lights can be wonderfully decorative and really help add mood, colour, atmosphere and of course light into a space.

The majority of our pendant lights are currently from our Egyptian brand Zenza, although we will be adding more styles and brands in the coming weeks and months.

Drawing influence from exotic corners of the world, the collection from Zenza exudes an air of escapism. The contemporary but opulent designs combined with the traditional craftsmanship of these pieces makes them stand apart from other contemporary lighting styles, giving a characterful addition to your décor. We know you'll love the intricate designs from this incredible brand.

Zenza lighting, in silver-plated brass and handmade in Egypt brings a sense of faraway romanticism and adventure to any space. These elegant pendant lights from this artistic brand will create a unique and welcoming ambiance in your home, throwing pattern onto your walls and ceiling, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.