Filling your home with flowers is one of the nicest ways of adding colour, fragrance and life to a space. Whether it's a single bloom in a small bottle or a large bouquet in a lavish vase, flowers make you smile and are good for the soul!

At Pomegranate Living, you'll find some highly decorative vases by luxury Italian brand Egizia with the most gorgeous designs and patterns. Designed by celebrated Italian architect Paola Navone exclusively for Egizia, they are from either the elaborately detailed Ali Baba collection or from the simpler more contemporary Dotti range. 

Hand-decorated to perfection in their workshops in Italy using silk-screen printed techniques, enamel and sterling silver for their designs, these are great vases that can also easily stand on their own on a sideboard or mantel.

And from Los Angeles, we bring you the exquisite, delicate and pure forms of the glass decanters by artist Joe Cariati. These are sculptural pieces of art as well as decorative objects for your home. You'll instantly fall in love with the colours and purity of shape of this collection. We certainly did!

Enjoy shopping for vases and decorative bottles at Pomegranate Living!