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Where is Zenza from?

Zenza is a Dutch brand, based in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. It was started in 1994 by Dutch designer Karin who had travelled to Egypt to find products for her new interior decoration business. There, she met her future husband and business partner Hussein and together, they founded Zenza.

Where are Zenza items made?

The lighting collection makes up the largest range from Zenza and all the lamps are handmade in Egypt, by expert craftspeople who use the same ancient techniques that have been handed down from one generation to another.

Some of the accessories are also made in Egypt, some of the textiles and kitchenware comes from India and the candles are handmade in Morocco.

How do I install my new Zenza lamp?

If you've purchased a Zenza pendant light, ceiling light or wall lamp, then it's best to ask a qualified electrician to install it for you. That way, you can be sure it will be done correctly and safely. 

Table lamps can simply be plugged in.

What are Zenza lamps supplied with?

Most pendant lights are supplied with approx. 1 metre of cable and a ceiling cup.

The Ball Filigrain and Ball Filisky designs are supplied with 1 metre of chain as well as the cable, and a ceiling cup.

None of the pendant lights are supplied with a ceiling hook, as these will depend on the surface and material they will be fitted into. Your electrician should be able to provide you with the correct type of hook needed.

What kind of bulbs should I use with my Zenza lamp?

You will need either an E27 (wide) or an E14 (narrow) lamp fitting for your Zenza lamps. The maximum wattage will vary but will be either 60W or 25W depending on the lamp and fitting used in the lamp you've chosen.

Please refer to the product description for each lamp to find out the fitting type and maximum wattage required, so you make sure you use the correct bulb and that the lamp will meet your requirements.

You can experiment with clear or frosted bulbs, but in our experience, clear bulbs give the best results and the most sparkle. Because of the intricate cut-out work on the lamps, the clear bulbs create the best shadows too!

Will the colour of my Zenza lamp change?

Zenza lamps are made using a brass base metal which is then silver-plated and polished to achieve the unique colour and finish that Zenza have become so well known for. 

With time, and depending on the environment it's located in, you can expect the colour of the lamp to change slightly, becoming a little darker in a process called oxidisation. This is perfectly normal and is simply a characteristic of the finish, but the degree of oxidisation can vary greatly from space to space, so it's difficult to predict.

What can I do if the colour of my Zenza lamp changes?

Some people really like the slightly aged oxidised look, but if you'd rather your lamp keep its original sheen and finish, then Zenza do produce a couple of products that can help. 

The first is a protective spray that you can apply when you first receive your lamp and which will coat the lamp and should help maintain the finish for longer.

The second is a special 'silver plater' that contains real silver and that can be used to polish the lamp once the oxidisation occurs. If applied correctly, this can really bring back the colour and original sheen of the lamp. 

Please note that in order for the silver plater to work its magic, it has to be applied with a little pressure. So, if you're using it on a pendant lamp or ceiling light, it would be best to take the lamp down first, as it will be difficult to apply enough pressure with the lamp hanging.

Why does it take up to 4 weeks to receive my Zenza lamp order?

Whilst we always try to have some Zenza lamps in stock, there is such a wonderful variety of styles and sizes that we simple can't stock them all!

So, unless an item says 'in stock', it will be ordered for you once you place your order on our website. As soon as we receive your order, we process it with Zenza who then ship your lamp from Holland to our warehouse in Surrey. As soon as we receive it, we check every piece to make sure they're in perfect shape and we send your order onto you straight away (the price of your lamp includes a small amount for shipping it from Holland).

You'll be kept updated on the status of your order and delivery regularly. And if we anticipate or are advised of any delay in the delivery of your order, we'll let you know immediately so you know exactly what's going on and when you can expect to receive your lovely new Zenza lamps.

Can you help me choose the best Zenza lamp for my space?

Of course! We're very happy to help you make the best choice for your space and requirements Just get in touch by phone on 020 8330 4530 or by email at enquiries@pomegranate-living.com.

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